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Visibility around the Island is almost always excellent. Combined with the protected environment, Menjangan has become renowned as a great location no matter what your ability level. The wall diving cannot be beaten for both depth and variety. Those seeking a challenge can try out the Anker Wreck. Corals are omnipresent in Menjangan with an excellent range of both hard and soft. Cold currents are largely anonymous here which makes for outings that are more comfortable.

Tulamben are

 Tulamben Wreck (2 Dives - US$ 80)

This remains a very popular dive site, the Liberty shipwreck. The famous US merchant ship which sunk during World War II in 1942 is now covered with fully grown clams, anemones, sponges and coral reef. Here is where the fantasies of many divers are realized. It represents an ideal deep dive. Now the USS Liberty is home to thousands of marine animals. Dive sites start at a depth of 4 meters and may reach a depth of close to 28 meters with visibility of 25-50 meters which makes it ideal for the beginner as well as all experienced divers.

Tulamben Wall, Drop-off (2 Dives - US$ 80)
One of the big surprises about this site is the occasional sightings of the Whale Shark. This provides an unforgettable dive and a chance to spend some time with these incredible creatures. Sponges and Corals line the wall all the way to the seabed, there is an impressive range on show. These help to attract numerous small creatures such as Nudibranchs and Shrimp. All these incredible sights are spread over a large area that allows photographers time to select their shots.


Batu Kelebit (2 Dives - US$ 85)

This site lies 5 minutes outside of the Tulamben Bay and can be used as a first dive before returning closer to the coast. Well worth a visit, there are varieties of flora and fauna that differ markedly from other local sites. Even the sand is a different color. The animals range in size from the tiny Nudibranchs to the larger Pelagic due to the plankton rich environment. There are strong currents at times so take precautions before arrival. There are three dive points here: Emerald bay (with car wreck), Alamanda point and Batu Kelebit itself.


Kubu Reef (2 Dives - US$ 80)

It's located about 15 Km west of Tulamben Liberty. The dive starts off on a sandy slope with Nudibranchs, flounder and shrimp at 5 - 10 metres. There are big sponges with many varieties of shrimp and lionfish and continuing to the right, the slope develops into a reef with very impressive topography. Schools of Barracudas, turtles and napoleon fish are common here. For macro lovers, this site offer little critters like pigmy seahorse, leaf fish, ghost pipefish and much more. Visibility at Kubu reef can reach 25 meter on a good day.